Got a Light?


She cannot stop smoking.
They say each cigarette takes a day off of your life.
She looks around her life…
She cannot stop smoking.
She has a job. Can’t show up late. Can’t leave early, but smoke breaks are given in abundance…
She cannot stop smoking.
Her anxiety picks up dramatically at night. She has to get outside…
She cannot stop smoking.
At a party and everyone is everywhere and… She has to go out on the balcony…
She cannot stop smoking.
Sometimes she needs a few minutes. Sometimes her brain won’t stop. Sometimes her body can’t start. Sometimes she just needs to stand and stare at the stars.
She’d look insane just standing and staring.
People would call her crazy.
But this cigarette in her hand makes it okay.
Blowing out smoke and not belting out screams is socially acceptable.
This cigarette is her permission slip to go on a 15min field trip outside those walls and inside her daydreams.
These butts on the ground are proof that she’s okay.
She cannot stop smoking.

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