What Advice Sounds Like to A Depressed Person:


“If you are bleeding, just stop bleeding and you won’t be bleeding anymore because you stopped bleeding”.

“If you cannot see in the dark, start being able to see in the dark, and you will be able to see in the dark because you started seeing in the dark”.

“If you feel empty then stop being empty and then you won’t be empty anymore because you stopped being empty”.

That easy, huh??
Just turn it off and don’t speak of it again?
Who knew it was so simple.
I could have been happy this whole time!

If you know anyone suffering from depression, tell them you love them. You are proud. They are beautiful. You need them. They matter.
They can’t do anything with advice, besides read it and cry. Just give them a shoulder to do it on.

10 thoughts on “What Advice Sounds Like to A Depressed Person:

  1. blindzanygirl

    Beautiful wirds. Yes, a shoulder. When I lost my eyesight from cancer, and became wheelchair bound, I was in grief over it one day, and was crying. Someone told me off and said, “THIS won’t do you any goid, WILL it.” Huh? No arm around me or shoulder to cry on!

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    1. Brenda Renwick

      So sorry. That person was more blind than you. Some people have such selfish attitudes toward mental illnesses. They think it’s all about them and how our problem makes them feel. It’s not about them at all, and they don’t help.

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