She had always seen it.
Out there wandering around.
Peering over her white picket fence, to get a good look at her bright smile her promising life.
It never bothered her to see it that close.
She actually felt comfortable knowing it was there. They’d say hello in passing. An occasional wave or head nod.
She’d glance at it in passing. But.
Glances turned to looks, turned to stares, turned to gazes.
With eyes that said “Hello, old Friend”.
An unspoken connection.
It only seemed right to invite it in.
No small talk. No coffee. No awkward silences.
Skipped that,
Went straight to her bed.
Lights down. Drapes shut. Heat down. Blankets soft. So inviting.
She got in bed.
Under the sheets.
Laying next to it.
It hasn’t let her up since..

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