“One Day”

One day.

She will get there one day.

That’s the goal. One day.

Some days are better than others.

Some days are good.

Some days actually feel like a day. 24 hours. Sunrise, Sunset and everything in between.

Some days food taste like food.

Some days she actually does stuff. Little stuff. Stuff you’d laugh at. But still. She does it.

Some days She says she will get something done, and She gets it done.

Some days She wakes up. She actually went to sleep and got to experience “waking up”.

Some days She talks to people. Full conversations. Sharing and listening. Laughing and smiling.

Some days She feels understood.

Some days She thinks about her future.

Some days, She thinks about the “other days”, and dreams of the day that “some days” will turn into “most days” and maybe “most days” will be “always”.

Some days She feels so close to that oh so glorious “one day”.

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