Slip & Slide.

others were Falling in Love and never Landing right.

She was busy Tripping on “Like”.

Getting footing on new heights.

Slipping on Infatuation

and making right Turns on wrong Situations.

Engaged in Engage-less Relations.

Chasing Intimate Sensations

and pointless Connections.

Stumbling on Interest.

Getting close to Distance and

Tumbling on failed Commitments.

But she’d keep Trying, Sliding scraped knees on Shaky foundations.

She kept her patience.

Grew proud of the Misses, Trip-ups, and Slip-ups that gave her Callous.

She knew if she were to Fall in Love, she had to be okay with Losing her Balance.


Strive for me like good grades on a scholarship.

Want me.

Need me.

Study me.

Stay up late.

Pinpoint my main points.

Include them in your PowerPoint.

Highlight my essential part.

Refine it like fine art.

Cross out my mistakes.

Work through that headache.

Read and reread in between my lines.

Scan through me several times.

Underline my point of view.

You can stop for a few…

Refill your coffee and come back to me.

Trace my uncertainties.

Slow down on my complicated sections.

Notate my corrections.

Pull an all nighter.

A grueling overnighter.

Fall asleep on top of me.

Wake up between my sheets.

Did you Memorize my importance?

Recite it in the morning.

Rip out pages and Save them.

You don’t need to pass a test…

Just show an interest.

Be present and show your intent.

Participation is 50 percent.

On Your Mark.

It is known that it will storm before it storms.


Just as the stars align, the clouds smear across them.


The air feels full and winds run through every red light.


The clouds get dark and struggle to stay up.


Strips of light strike through forests of electric matter.


Oceans’ waves build and clash with the shore.


Warnings group together and prepare destruction.


That first drop on concrete sings a song of clearance.


Second drop tests the streets’ vibrations.


Rumbles signal the race.



She can’t sleep without him, yet he never noticed.

Unaware, unengaged, unattached and never devoted.

And yes, his lack of interest was definitely noted…

But as a child, She was taught to love diamond rings and pin curls, shiny things and tiny pearls.

These lessons stayed as she grew up and out into the world.

And like all the other little girls

taught to love someone who isn’t there, she’d hug him and love him and drag him everywhere.

Felt no different then when she used to embrace her childhood teddy bear.


She stayed awake for six days and seven nights.

On the first day, she separated her darkness from her light.

Hoping to gain some insight.

Day two- she analyzed the sky.

And watched the clouds drift by.

On the third day, she stood barefoot on dry land.

Took a stick and drew her name in the sand.

Fourth day- she stood outside in the rain.

Dried off in the warmest of sun rays.

Day number five- she took a swim in the ocean.

Waves led her every motion.

Day after that- she watched a spider create its home.

Made her think about her own…

And past midnight- day seven,

Oh Yes…

she rested.

-the Sunday visuals-

The Limit


If I break,

Know I tried to bend first.

If I trip and fall,

Know I ran until my bones hurt.

If I drown,

Know I held my breath until my lungs burst.

Prayed circles around this curse,

Hunted my faith when it disbursed,

Fought my fears and each cut I nursed,

Raced demons through the worst,

straight to the ends of the earth,

even put my car in reverse

And met God at the edge of the universe.

Don’t you dare fix your mouth to say I gave up.

I stayed down until heavenly sounds said enough was enough.




No. She never cried over her sweet life Goals becoming bland.

The only Dreams she had were nightmares she couldn’t understand.

Never expected a Sliver Spoon in her mouth or Pearls on a strand.

The only Jewels she had left green bands on her hand.

And no, she’s never been to Disneyland.

The only Castles she knew were made of sand.

So she made her faith withstand Misery’s command,

and hoped to God heaven would be grand.