Strive for me like good grades on a scholarship.

Want me.

Need me.

Study me.

Stay up late.

Pinpoint my main points.

Include them in your PowerPoint.

Highlight my essential part.

Refine it like fine art.

Cross out my mistakes.

Work through that headache.

Read and reread in between my lines.

Scan through me several times.

Underline my point of view.

You can stop for a few…

Refill your coffee and come back to me.

Trace my uncertainties.

Slow down on my complicated sections.

Notate my corrections.

Pull an all nighter.

A grueling overnighter.

Fall asleep on top of me.

Wake up between my sheets.

Did you Memorize my importance?

Recite it in the morning.

Rip out pages and Save them.

You don’t need to pass a test…

Just show an interest.

Be present and show your intent.

Participation is 50 percent.

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