For those of us who don’t just “feel” feelings but become feelings.

Or maybe feel too little “everythings” and too many “nothings”.

Who daydream of that one beautiful thing someone once said… inbetween the horrible things floating in your head.

Who needs the power of every God in every universe to give us the energy to get out of bed.

Are razors the only way out?

Does a bottle of pills and a bottle of vodka show what the nightmares are about.

Will this overdose solve it?

Will that jump from the bridge resolve it?

Can anyone see us on the ledge?

Could you reach out before we tip over the edge?

Don’t save those weekly flowers and visits for the grave.

Use them when we’re out there trying to be brave.

For those of us who were born unclear,

Just know we were not put here to suffer here to break here and leave here…


Before you ask for the check and pay the bill.

Just for now,


Be still.

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