In my dreams, I’d pack up my things, open the door and he’d get on his knees.

I’d try to push past him and he’d scream.

Telling me it’s not what it seems, and maybe promise me everything… Possibly beside a diamond ring.

Maybe he’d cut his seams and I’d see that he bleeds sincerity.

Or maybe he’d crumple into a million roses and fall at my feet like I’m his queen.

Id forgive him and love him like a king.

A royal love theme.

Golden crowned silver linings.

When asked why I have such depressing fantasies of breakups and makeups interweaved…

because when I walked away,

he watched me leave.

52 thoughts on “Reality.

  1. Deeply expressed and well written. Communication is Key in any relationship. She will always have fantasy going off if she walked and in her mind she expected him to react differently. Usually it’s a case where neither party really communicated, so there are unspoken expectations. They got caught up on the outside and there hearts never grew or caught up on the inside. 💯❤️🙏

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      1. 💜…thanks for responding back. Prior to You publishing, I was trying to sleep, talking to God, praying. Every time I tried to finish a piece I’ve been working on for my WordPress Blog Zero. You posted, my phone lit 🔥 up, I read it. It was so beautiful.

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  3. OMG! What a wonderful and vivid presentation – your words made it seem like a movie! So emotionally raw, moving and romantic! Sad but complex too. A great poem of yearning, wishing, longing and regret. Sometimes we don’t know what is best for us or the blessing the Universe has in store as we experience reality. I want to thank you for the seed of inspiration your piece has given me, more my experience as the versa to your vice!

    A stunning piece that you should consider for your “Best of ” list!! Bellissimo, My Friend, Bellissimo

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