yellowYou call it bitter, sour, overbearing, confining… a much too powerful concentrate.
I love you.
Is that okay?
I do not care to share or ration my passion.
But I promise you will feel no pain.
This luscious lemon love drops between us. Cleansing Citric Rain.
As yellow as the sun, right down to the last of its lagging rays.
A luminous yellow Moon glowing beyond the bay.

I want you to stay.
Is that okay?
Please come and be my Eve.
A garden of heavenly yellow dreams- in yellow daisies, we shall lay for seven nights and seven days, with nothing but vibrant love, face-to-face, quiet love, living in shade, whispered love, just for me and you to hear. Never let it go astray. Only let it swing and sway between us and our mason jar of the sweetest kind of lemonade.
Golden yellow treasure we must embrace… its the only color of first place.

And only one can fill that space.



15 thoughts on “Monogamy.

  1. I love the comparisons in this poem. You have me wrapped in yellow daisies and lemonade. 🙂 Very well written. Wonderful. Daisies are my favorite flowers, so I loved that line. And I love sunsets. So far this is my favorite of yours.

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