I’ve cried everyday this week.

I should have been more specific when I prayed for consistency.

Afraid to think because thoughts open vaults that hold spinning records of bruised melodies, buried histories, and harmonies of dark memories, and…

I’m just tired of listening.

The pulled strings of my nerves serve as the acoustics.

I guess even thrillers require theme music.

The dramatics of my anatomy is entirely tiring. So I’ve prayed for silence, and ever since, when I hear those records turning- flooding inside of me with rhythms of catastrophe, naturally my eyes get watery.


I’ve always cried quietly.

14 thoughts on “Shhhhhhhh

  1. Wow….this is a great poem. I must say, it has been a challenging week, you see. Seems like things came from every direction, yet I refuse to give up. It was freezing cold, had to blow my noise, there is nothing like walking on the moon. To the moon and back getting back on track. I did manage to do a bit of writing. God is Good. I hope you are better too!
    InHisCare 🙏

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  2. The Whippoorwills

    Oh golly….there is much within me which identifies and empathizes with what you have expressed here….I also am thankful that I tend to cry quietly.

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