Scrolled up on what now feels like a figment of my imagination.

A nostalgic sensation.

Just as unrecognizable as it is undeniable.

When security questions ask me the name of my childhood best friend, I still write your name. And yes, of course I remember its spelled with two i’s and no a… could never make that mistake.

I wonder if you remember me?

Do you think of me?

Of us?

Back when all the time in the world wasn’t enough.

You and I. Me and you with all our immature dreams filling every ounce of our being. There was so much room there… we had so much life to live and love to give and.. time seemed to go on for four-evers… even one day apart seemed to last for two-morrows…

Maybe we just ran out of storage. Out of memory. Out of space for each other. So much to do. So much we lose…

But as I forget my password for the third time this year, I get to visit you. In that part of my brain where I hardly ever get to go.

Is my name your answer too?

Spelled with two a’s and no o…

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