Not a fan of the classics.

She wants magic.

Unreasonable attachments.

To love beyond all earthy considerations.

Up and over physical limitations.

Her heart beat’s racing against static situations.

She finds rhymes to unreasonable emotions, charged with the simple notion that Love isn’t made of flames..

but explosions.

She doesn’t want to believe life’s silver-linings are only made of brief moments of peace, and a few perks.

Eyes on the skies…

She’s waiting fire works.


Thrown around so often in this day-and-age, it might be easy to think lightly of what I’m about to say, so… First. Let me explain.

You are the light God set apart.

I am the night… You are the moon I earned by perfecting the dark. See how I enhance you?.. See how you define me?

Not meant to be. Had to be.

You are the ocean.. just washing and waving. I am dry land. Shifting and shaking, and…

Im softer when we’re embracing.

Everyday of my life I’ve spent creating… trying to make things… really anything out of everything.. ending with feelings that were fleeting and fading… Everyday felt like Monday — naturally draining, but you…

Well, you were like

that good rest on Sunday God was saving.

… I love you.

Feel the weight of what I’m saying?


Peel me down to the basics.

Unhook my chains, ropes and laces.

Replace my decorations with dedication.

Interrupt my meditation with motivation.

Fold my fictions and cover them with facts.

Throw away the mask- still intact.

Blaze my costume and Conclude my act.

Wash away my extras, add-ons and bonus features. Let it all burn out like a high fever.

empty me of everything I don’t need… of that which is not me… then

Drag me home like a lost-and-found child

if you really do love me..

Please don’t leave me wild

Closing Act.

Back here again.

The most familiar place I’ve ever been.

This is the part where I’m forgotten… again.

Where I fold into the shadows of memories that blend in with empty spaces and cold wind.

The part where I am let go of.

Where I come crashing down from above. Where I’m reminded that the embarrassing fall out of love often comes with a beastly shove.

The part where the end is near. Closer than it appears.

Where my eyes build up with tears- blinding me, so I won’t have to face my fears.

The part where I become another “was”.

Because my “ends and odds” are finally realized as flaws.

So before my scene gets paused and the curtain draws…

Let me give my best.

If it has to end,

let it be to the sound of a grand applause.

Road Trip.

Past the roof, above your sight line

Through the pollution, clouds and skyline

Further than the scattered stars, however far they may lay…

Beyond the reach of night and day

Zip past the Man on the Moon, who used to guide your way… if you want to linger there… and I know you do. That’s okay.

But soon, come through the planets that stick together like magnetics.

I know you, so yes… go ahead and stop by the rings of Saturn.

Then cruise by the Sun and wave to each ray one-by-one… don’t get too close or your wings will come undone.

Forget the yellow, red, gold and orange. you’ll have all of that in unlimited storage. A renaissance of color much like Florence.

Come now, just past the blue, purple, black, and grey

Through every piece of foreign debris that has broken and strayed

Beyond skinny seconds, medium minutes, heavy hours and light years

Far from Earth’s axis and gears

Away from force, fights, falls, and fears…

Time, temptations and tears

Extending past every black hole, where all grey matter folds

Past gravity and extraordinary portals of extraterrestrial cavities

No archives of heated lies or cold goodbyes where you’re traveling.

Do not be scared of that bright light glistening

It’s just me signaling

Please don’t rush. wait for your timing

I will wait. Right here by the gate

Come meet me in the 7th universe to the right; past that blazing God-like meteorite.

For our love will grow beyond what we could ever hope to fit in this life.



I could never give you peace, so Ill give you pieces of me.

Take my stomach. I can’t taste what I eat.

I’ll give you my heart. It does nothing for me.

I’ll give you my voice. I have no energy to speak.

Grab my lungs. If there’s no smoke, I don’t breathe.

Take my arms and wrap them around you when you sleep.

Take my mind. I don’t care what you think.

Yes I know, it’s a lot to give for free.

I’ve used these things… all of them so wrongly.. and now their worth runs rather cheap… Yet, you’ve always found the value in me.

So here…. take my feet, my knees are just too weak.

But please promise

you’ll never use them to walk back to me.

Slip & Slide.

others were Falling in Love and never Landing right.

She was busy Tripping on “Like”.

Getting footing on new heights.

Slipping on Infatuation

and making right Turns on wrong Situations.

Engaged in Engage-less Relations.

Chasing Intimate Sensations

and pointless Connections.

Stumbling on Interest.

Getting close to Distance and

Tumbling on failed Commitments.

But she’d keep Trying, Sliding scraped knees on Shaky foundations.

She kept her patience.

Grew proud of the Misses, Trip-ups, and Slip-ups that gave her Callous.

She knew if she were to Fall in Love, she had to be okay with Losing her Balance.


Strive for me like good grades on a scholarship.

Want me.

Need me.

Study me.

Stay up late.

Pinpoint my main points.

Include them in your PowerPoint.

Highlight my essential part.

Refine it like fine art.

Cross out my mistakes.

Work through that headache.

Read and reread in between my lines.

Scan through me several times.

Underline my point of view.

You can stop for a few…

Refill your coffee and come back to me.

Trace my uncertainties.

Slow down on my complicated sections.

Notate my corrections.

Pull an all nighter.

A grueling overnighter.

Fall asleep on top of me.

Wake up between my sheets.

Did you Memorize my importance?

Recite it in the morning.

Rip out pages and Save them.

You don’t need to pass a test…

Just show an interest.

Be present and show your intent.

Participation is 50 percent.