Slip & Slide.

others were Falling in Love and never Landing right.

She was busy Tripping on “Like”.

Getting footing on new heights.

Slipping on Infatuation

and making right Turns on wrong Situations.

Engaged in Engage-less Relations.

Chasing Intimate Sensations

and pointless Connections.

Stumbling on Interest.

Getting close to Distance and

Tumbling on failed Commitments.

But she’d keep Trying, Sliding scraped knees on Shaky foundations.

She kept her patience.

Grew proud of the Misses, Trip-ups, and Slip-ups that gave her Callous.

She knew if she were to Fall in Love, she had to be okay with Losing her Balance.

18 thoughts on “Slip & Slide.

  1. Wonderfully written.
    The words you write from experience, the heart or sometimes pain.
    They are life lessons that call our name.
    Learn from it or repeat the cycle.
    Thank you for your transparency.


    Liked by 1 person

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